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Lean Six Sigma is a well-known methodology for improving the efficiency and productivity of business processes. Six Sigma, in addition to fostering a philosophy of continual process enhancement, provides procedures and strategies that minimize variance, remove mistakes, and help identify the root cause of failures, enabling Companies to provide high-quality goods and services to customers.

Although most people equate Lean Six Sigma with manufacturing, the technique can be applied to any process in any field. In all business cases, Lean Six Sigma is used to build a management system that routinely forecasts failures and offers protocols for preventing them.

LSS Kentucky-Owensboro-KY

What Exactly Is Lean Six Sigma?

Scholars claim that Shewhart was the first to suggest that any process value that deviates three Sigmas from the mean be changed. One standard deviation represents one Sigma.

The Six Sigma technique allows activities to be conducted at a “Six Sigma” stage, which equates to 3.4 defects per million operations. The aim is to use continuous process management to automate systems that work predictably and consistently. Six Sigma is a data-driven methodology that provides methods and strategies for defining and analyzing each step of the process. It provides strategies for increasing business system efficiencies, improves process efficiency, and the bottom-line benefits.

What would you expect to earn as an LSS Green Belt?

Become an Organizational Consistency Champion to ensure your place in our next public initiative and learn about career openings that would benefit you and your Company. According to, the minimum salary in the United States for individuals with Six Sigma Green Belt certification is $101,500. (As of the 30th of July, 2019). The average pay range is $83,100 to $109,300, and it is calculated by a variety of variables including additional qualifications and certifications, experience, the number of years someone has served in their preferred career, and the company in which they operate. According to the ASQ Quality Progress Salary Survey, the annual compensation for a licensed Green Belt is $95,261, with Green Belts earning more than $10,000 than Yellow Belts.

Is Six Sigma Only Useful in Manufacturing Organizations?

The effects of applying Six Sigma are the same for all Companies, regardless of scale. Are there any variations between the problems in the service and industrial sectors? Should they take a specific approach to customers? Service Companies do business with their customers. The industry’s apprehension around implementing Six Sigma is tangible. According to some service industry insiders, “every consumer is specific.” That’s right! Six Sigma concepts may apply to every service process. It can be applied to most, if not all, service propositions or functions with minor modifications.

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Many service sector voices suggest, “We are a people-driven industry,” “All effects cannot be calculated,” or “Six Sigma is too scientific.” They are, after all, only voices! Six Sigma and Lean applications have helped companies ranging from large banking services such as Bank of America to Healthcare Organizations in continuously delivering high-quality services on time. Contact Lean Six Sigma Experts in Owensboro, Kentucky today for a free quote.

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